18. 06. – 31. 07. 2021

Enlightenment is the coming of knowledge out of nowhere, its unexpected descent; it is the thought of an inexplicable origin that transforms or makes visible something that was previously unnoticeable.

Marta Antoniak, Maria Ciborowska, Marcin Dymek, Piotr Kolanko, Radim Koros and Grzegorz Siembida are artists who trusted the power of the Enlightenment on their artistic path. When they paint, they put themselves under the control of their intuition; they approach their abstractions without a specific plan, because they allow the image they are creating to suggest another stain themselves.

Their painting avoids clear allusions and the academic rigor of sublimation, which makes it far from being pretentious. It is simply energy for itself, a field of dynamic changes that go in an unpredictable direction. In a place where everything happens in progress, there is chaos from which order gradually emerges. Each of the artists has developed their own mechanism that allows them to find this order and recognize the work as closed.

The ENLIGHTMENT exhibition was preceded by a discussion by painters, during which they shared their insights about their practice, and as a result, each of them took on the task of creating a new painting. It is not a competition or rivalry, but an ordinary meeting of people who do not want to accept patterns and compromise assumptions, and who value intuition and freedom more than anything.

/ Robert Domżalski /


UFO Art Gallery | Marta Antoniak | „ENLIGHTENMENT.

Marcin Dymek
Grzegorz Siembida



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