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Title: Dirge n°1

Medium: acrylic, pigment, acrylic mass, and linen on linen canvas

Dimentions: 180 x 170 cm

Year of Creation: 2023

The subject matter of this collection draws from my cultural heritage in Karelia, Finland. It’s a theme that
consistently inspires me, one I often return to, carrying it within me as both a human and an artist.

In the past, my great-grandmothers were dirge singers in the Karelian community. Their role involved healing people’s pain and health through prayer, crying for them, and sometimes connecting with the deceased by communicating with souls and ghosts.
However, my intention is not to evoke nostalgia. While recognizing the significance of our history, I’m moreintrigued by its relevance today. I aim to explore how history can manifest itself in contemporary art. Can we discern the rhythm and melody of history in these art forms? Can we hear its echoes resonating through time?


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