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Title: Gold is ashes (on my feet, on your feet) n°1

Medium: acrylics, acrylic mass, pigment and linen on linen

Dimentions: 180 x 170 cm

Year of Creation: 2023

The painting “Gold is Ashes (On My Feet, On Your Feet)” encourages the viewer to ponder the roles we play in our relationship with nature. It urges us to rethink the worth we assign to nature – both its fundamental value and the materialistic measures we often rely on. The shapes and colors in this artwork are intentionally created to highlight the feminine aspects of nature and depict it as a goddess. This representation aims to emphasize the nurturing qualities reminiscent of motherhood, prompting us to reconsider our sometimes harmful interactions with the environment. It serves as a reminder of how vital it is to align our actions with the innate wisdom of nature.

The shapes and golden hues in the artwork further emphasize the essence of the feminine and the respect we should hold for motherhood.

The precise title of the painting draws inspiration from the book “The Egyptian” (published in Finnish in 1945) by Finnish author Mika Waltari. In the novel, a royal physician named Sinuhe recounts his story while in exile after Akhenaten’s fall and death. Notably, the original tale dates back to a time long before Akhenaten, with texts known from as early as the 12th dynasty.


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