Ufo art gallery kraków


Title: Broad Daylight All Night

Medium: Podaj medium

Year of Creation: 2019

„Methods employed in the context of my work trace their pedigree to the art of the 1960s. I re-capture stylistics surrounding us on an everyday basis from 3D visualisation (e.g. developers’ paradise billboards, which usually are futile promises) or from food photography. Furthermore, I refer to the notion of post-growth. An aspect I consider essential in the context of post-growth is the possibility of sharing and multiplying goods outside of the regime of economic exploitation. I believe that a retarded future, retardation, can become the solution to crucial issues of global dimension. My presumption is that arriving at this point leads through an acceptance of solutions that are currently considered absurd.”


group show

28.10.2022 – 26.11.2022

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