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Title: They’re Dancing the Mazur Again!

Medium: test

Dimentions: test dimentions

Year of Creation: 2012

“I am interested in the inequality and politicization of various manifestations of reality and social functioning, as well as top-down planning: rules, space or entertainment for the mass audience. I am fascinated by the ability to read and interpret cultural symbols by various social groups. In my artistic practice, I often look for universal codes and aesthetic symbols, the meaning of which I try to process or extract through my own intervention. My practice has its roots in critical and socially engaged art. However, I transfer it to the sphere of aesthetic satisfaction. Today, I try to create works whose meaning encourages longer reflection. I have the impression that the more difficult, more metaphorical works paradoxically have a stronger social impact. I like it when critical, difficult topics are hidden under the guise of synthetic aesthetics.”

Karolina Mełnicka


group show

28.10.2022 – 26.11.2022

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