Ufo art gallery kraków


Title: Anders gedacht

Medium: acrylic on canvas

Dimentions: 90 cm

Year of Creation: 2021

Mungenast consciously refers to her earlier works from the 1990s. Similarly as in them, she makes circular movements within a circle using a mechanical construction she had designed specifically for this purpose – a prosthetic extension of a hand which makes painterly gestures. Starting from the centre, she follows a spiral line towards the outer frame of the work. There the line breaks off; its regular development, however, suggests that the painterly movement could be smoothly carried on to infinity. In turn, using the silver-moon colour, symbolic within the culture of mysticism, may evoke associations with femininity, meditation, and altered states of consciousness. A particular feature of her work is the haptic quality of the image, achieved by the mechanical method of painting, which draws attention through its minimal relief structure. The artist’s work may thus also bring a vinyl record to mind. Perhaps not coincidentally. After all, vinyl is making a comeback in the music market, and increasingly more new releases and reissues of older titles are being pressed on record every day. Mungenast’s circle is a metaphor for these eternal comebacks and a reminder of the human predilection for trance states.


group show

05.05.2023 – 10.06.2023

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