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Title: Nose Job

Medium: oil on canvas

Dimentions: 130 x 90 cm

Year of Creation: 2014

As far as the latter artist and logician is concerned, Buschmann was particularly fond of his scenes depicting balls and social events through many schematically rendered figures. The painter skilfully distilled from them, among other things, a large linear figure of a dancer, captured in a sweeping movement against an empty background. The artist’s painting shown at the Wonderful Line exhibition, entitled NOB, is also one of the reminiscences of Chwistel’s well-known feasts. Its muted colours and graphic expression produce an impression of two-dimensionality, although the dashes and lines gliding across its surface and the outlines of the figures captured probably to the beat of a loud soundtrack, their graceful and light tangle, give the whole a multi-dimensional perspective.

The painting is an ephemeral record of a fleeting moment, perhaps a playful joke on Vienna’s café or similar Viennese climes. Equally playful is the minimalist drawing in blue crayon in blue crayon on blank white cardboard, depicting empty glasses piled up like a leaning tower. The drawing is entitled Texte zur Kunst (translated as Texts on Art) – a borrowing from a well-known German art monthly. The artist appropriated a photograph from one of its covers in the drawing


group show

05.05.2023 – 10.06.2023

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