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Title: Overhand Knot

Medium: oxidized steel, brass

Dimentions: 190 x 180 x 40 cm

Year of Creation: 2022

Iza Tarasewicz uses raw materials and rural production systems to create her installations. Although they are not free of vertical elements, they always develop in a horizontal order as ‘an expression of distrust of the controlling eye’ (Lisok). In them, Tarasewicz weaves technical tools and materials with organic substances, incorporating technology into a dialogue with nature. In Tarasewicz’s world, everything gives the impression of movement, inscribing itself in the logic of permanent change.

The artist does, however, devote a great deal of attention to the laws and regularities discovered by science – for example, in the DNA helixes, to which Tarasewicz alludes in her hexagonal structures. The two objects presented at the UFO Art Gallery exhibition, Overhand Knot (2021) and Revelation of Powers XIII (2022), were some of the many elements of her various installations. Sometimes her exhibitions, such as Tramway (2022) in Glasgow, are accompanied by dance realisations directed by choreographers.

Courtesy the artist and Gunia Nowik Gallery, Warsaw


group show

05.05.2023 – 10.06.2023

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