Ufo art gallery kraków


Title: VHS Cassette

Medium: acrylic on canvas

Dimentions: 10.79 x 19.05 cm

Year of Creation: 2001

The VHS cassette presented at the exhibition reproduces in an illusionistic way – including size and shape – a real object from the environment. Today, the VHS cassette enjoys a cult status. In this early work, as in many later works, the artist balances on the thin line dividing classical art genres such as sculpture, painting, drawing, and photography. In doing so, he explores their potentialities and often opts for elaborate but humorous blurring of boundaries, such as when he falsified his passport photo. At the same time, his artwork shows that (cold) geometry and poetry are not necessarily opposites (just like mimesis and abstraction, matter and transcendence). ‘The voice of no one, I think, is also that moment of liberation that can occur in abstract painting,’ the French poetlyricist Paul Valery remarked some time ago, perhaps listening to music.


group show

05.05.2023 – 10.06.2023

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