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Agnieszka Szostek

Agnieszka Szostek was born in 1982. In the years 2000 – 2003 she studied at the Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design, 2002 – 2007 at the Academy of Fine Art in Cracow, 2003 – 2008 at the Academy of Fine Art Munich, where she studied under the supervision of Prof. Sean Scully and Prof. Günther Förg. Co – founder of C U AT SADKA. Based in Berlin and Cracow.



2020 – „A Californian Plumber“, curator: Tristan Deschamps, @hei.fugitif, Lipsk, Niemcy

2019 – „Unselect/Unlucid“, Kleine Humboldt Galerie, Berlin, Niemcy

2018 – „Paravent“, curator: Hannah Beck _Mannagetta, Hilbertraum, Berlin 48h Neukölln Festival „Neue Echtheit“, Niemcy

2013 – „Post” Clusser, Berlin, Niemcy

2012 – „Firma”, Gallery Ben Kaufmann, Berlin, Niemcy

2010 – „Qualia, Oil & Water” Gallery Ben Kaufmann, Berlin, Niemcy

2022 – „Girls + Eggs”, kuratorka Siona Wilson, CUNY Gallery, Staten Island, Nowy Jork, USA

2022 – Cracow Art Week, finisaż w UkrainaTV, Kraków, Polska

2022 – „TAK TAK”, kuratorka Marta Czyż, Vi Lever Pa Polsk, Kopenhaga, Dania

2022 – „MUSH” projekt filmowy z Dane Sutherland, @most_dismal_swamp, London UK 2022 – COEVAL MAGAZINE, wywiad przeprowadzony przez Giulia Ottavia Frattini

2020 – “DIO E’ C’” Ultrastudio, Pescara, Włochy

2020 – Die Bestehende Realität, prezentacja wideo, Bark Berlin Gallery, Berlin, Niemcy

2019 – “Come What May. Permanent Assumptions.“ Zner Kunstraum, Leipzig, Niemcy

2019 – “All in“, @cubiculum_suterrain, Berlin, Niemcy

2019 – “Favourites“, @ambacher_contemporary, Monachium, Niemc

2019 – „Innere Armut“, kurator Marco Schmitt, Pohlen, Berlin, Niemcy

2019 – „TB 2 RL“, kurator Tristan Dechamps @plus.dede, Berlin, Niemcy

2018 – „Sun World“ curated by Tristan Dechamps @plus.dede, Berlin, Niemcy

2018 – „Perfect Match“, kuratorka Hanna Beck – Mannagetta, Berlin, Niemcy

2017 – “Never shown on purpose“, kuratorka Hanna Beck, Gallery Circle1, Berlin

2017 – “6548“ Galeria BB, Cracow, Poland

2015 – “Die Leipziger Edition“, Schloß Holte – Stukenbrock „Berlin Edition“, Berlin, Niemcy 2014 – „ H́ ello? !!“ Institut für zeitgenössische Beobachtung, Düsseldorf, Niemcy

2014 – „Present“ Kunstraum Bethanien, Berlin, Niemcy

2014 – “Surface Narration 2014“, Gallery Warhus Rittershaus, Köln, Niemcy

2013 – „Glitsch“ Koffer Raum, Berlin, Niemcy

2013 – „Klaus Nomi – 2013“ Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, Aachen, Niemcy

2013 – „Berlin Klondyke”, Hipphalle, Gmunden, Austria

2013 – „RE – culture 2“, 2 International Visual Art Festival, Patras, Grecja

2012 – “Berlin Klondyke”, Alte Baumwollspinnerei, Leipzig, Niemcy

2012 – „Post” (solo) Clusser, Berlin, Niemcy

2012 – “Timecapsule – eine Frau, ein Baum, eine Kuh” Kunstraum, Monachium, Niemcy 2012 – “Prototyp II”, gallery Efa, Berlin, Niemcy

2012 – “Icons”, kuratorka Agnieszka Szostek, Raum58, Monachium, Niemcy

2012 – “Timecapsule- eine Frau, ein Baum, eine Kuh” Museum für konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt

2011 – “Prototyp”, Kunstraum, Monachium, Niemcy

2011 – “Field of questions”, gallery EvaWinkler, Kolonia, Niemcy

2011 – “Dorothea”, Gallery Ancient&Modern, Londyn, UK

2010 – “10 years class Günther Förg”, WhiteBox, Monachium, Niemcy

The aesthetics of Szostek’s installations alludes to a post-human, post-body world, in which technology is intertwined with products of nature creating new forms of being. They resemble the terrifying atmosphere in Titane, a film in which all binaries and clear distinctions are blurred, while identities assume fluid, indefinite, constantly germinating and changing forms.

Michalina Sablik

The artist has elaborated her unique technique which allows her to create a material that is a near-perfect imitation of human skin. She produces collages from digital scraps alluding to varying semantic fields, and prints them onto her skins. Frivolous costumes, shoes by avant-garde designers and sexual fetishes are conjoined with animal and primal element, cave-painting images or animistic symbols. She does not stop at (in)printing, almost tattooing her skins; she cuts them, stitches together, embroiders, hangs on chains, creating sophisticated constructions with an ambience suggesting a lab interior, where creatures from the future are being brought to life in cauldrons. Things get sticky, humid, plasma-like: this is the beginning of a new, slimy life. The aesthetics of Szostek’s installations alludes to a post-human, post-body world, in which technology is intertwined with products of nature creating new forms of being.

Gallery exhibitions

group show

7.07.2023 – 27.07.2023

Wystawa Unknoiw / exhibition | UFO Art Gallery

Agnieszka Szostek, Michael Biber

3.03.2023 – 21.04.2023