Ufo art gallery kraków


Jan January Sokołowski

Sepia-burnt time of the Master of the Concealed Chisel’s memories…

As sculpted – as it is painted…

Abstract, graphic tales of blues, greys and ochres…

Lulled with majesty of umbers and siennas, a majesty of souls simplified as is humanly
possible with a series of immobile lines…

Sparkles falling out of the eye’s embrace, a purely intuitive theatre of the soul (the
Avant-garde in a Heritage Park), up to interpenetrating, intersecting and unfathomed,
scattered contours of vertical and horizontal tonalities of experiences.

Tonalities vertical beyond limits (of art).

Eye and heart-filling space of satiety with rough circles of life.

Subtle beings close and distant – brighter on the scale of the image’s imaginality, lightly
drawn with a twisted line gliding above.

(Spring), early childhood, a melodrama of souls and beings – co-participation;
Strong, quiet and warm looks – unresisted.

Silence and twilight of no-circumstance, a symmetry of orphaned dreams glazing, univocal
gestures – and motion.

A crystal reflected from stability, endless etudes forecasting a storm.

Enthused rhythms drawn with a helix of forms and time (for action)..

An encounter of silence and dreams, a brief landscape of occult, oblique legs of Humanity.

A fabular harmony (harmful) of a human shuddering with emotion (Artist).

Spaced out details, the cosmic epitaph of life and eternity, up to all epitaphs of satiation.

Cyclically renewed lines and circles – a path to destiny.

Emerald lines ribonnned – and sapphires.

Recognisable orders and the start of events…

Jan January Sokołowski

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