Ufo art gallery kraków



Maciej Pęcak

Curated by: 

Maria Cibiorowska


Szymon Sokołowski

Poster by: 

Maciej Pęcak

9.12.2022 – 10.02.2023

UFO Art Gallery

installation views


MC: Looking around your studio, it’s impossible to keep your gaze in one place, there is a diversity of forms and colors, but as if fused into one multidimensional constellation, over which I circle with my eyes.

MP: You know, I’m multifaceted, it’s boiling inside me, I’m a bit like a volcano, I need to explode. Chaos at this point is not appealing, explosion to explosion only creates ruins. If I start working on a topic, it is deepened, and this is going out. This is a journey, a path that leads to the top. If I finish a work, a cycle, the topic is exhausted, then I stand on the mountain that I have conquered. Well, how much can you stand, after all, boredom (laughs). So I look around for some beautiful peak, I look out for it between the mountain ranges. From where can I see a beautiful mountain, if not from the top of the one I am standing on? Then I have to descend, which means I just go back and look for a path to the place I saw from the previous summit. This is the order of things when it comes to the relationship of certain inspirations and those following them, motives for action in the areas of sculpture, bas-relief or installation. It depends on the mountain that blinks at me. I go to it, slowly and quietly. There are a lot of different obstacles along the way, but I am consistently heading because I remember the charm I saw from the top. The shape that attracted me.

MC: How is the relationship here, on the one hand something blinks at you, does it mean you know the destination? And on the other hand, how does it confront the medium?

MP: It is a flicker. As if I knew the destination, I would be completely uninterested in it. The most important thing is the mystery and reaching beyond the horizon. It depends, of course, on the choice of material. I search in matter and it has its own character, structure, construction. It dictates the conditions as to what form will emerge. It’s all about the nature of that energy it has. For me, it’s extremely interesting to get along with this material while looking for form.

//fragment from Maria Ciborowska’s conversation with Maciej Pecak “PEREGRINATIONS”



  • Born in 1964 in Rymanowo, he lives and works in Cracow. He received his diploma in 1991 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, Faculty of Sculpture. In his artistic practice, Maciej Pecak most eagerly experiments with the medium of wood, but he also reaches for other materials, such as stone, bronze, metal or non-accidental elements of the surrounding reality. He mainly creates sculptures, reliefs and installations. He is also the author of monumental and sacred sculptures in Hlomcza, Sanok and Krakow, among others. An important motif of Maciej Pecak’s work is the concept of time, aspects of passing, the idea of contemplation, nature and man.


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