Ufo art gallery kraków



Tomek Baran, Grzegorz Bugaj,
Kinga Burek, Marcin Dymek,
Radim Koros, Piotr Kolanko,
Krzysztof Marchlak, Joanna Pottle,
Grzegorz Siembida, Małgorzata Wielek

Curated by: 

Maria Ciborowska

Poster by: 

Maria Ciborowska, Radim Koros, Grzegorz Siembida

21.12.2021 – 15.01.2022

UFO Art Gallery

installation views


I teach people to imagine. For most of our lives we don’t realize what imagination can be, we can’t even fathom what its scope can be. Imagination covers all terrain, even what we call “rational.” Is everywhere. Therefore, it should be developed in such a way as to be able to consider reality not only from one perspective, but from many points of view. We usually visualize everything according to the narrow paradigm of our beliefs and conditioning. From reality, mysterious and as vast as it is unpredictable, we receive only what is filtered through our petty point of reference. Active imagination is the key to a higher vision, it allows you to look at reality from other points of view, not ours; it allows you to think and feel according to different points of reference. This is what true freedom is, the ability to go beyond yourself, transcend the limits of our small individual world and open up to the Universe.

Alejandro Jodorovsky

Acquiring the truth requires us to leave our comfort zone and exceed the cognitive limits of our reality. Recognizing the illusions that we create or that we have adopted as ours, seemingly serving existence. A work of art is not an object, it becomes an experience that transforms the experiencer. A sphere of dialogue is created. The object of experience is not the subjectivity of the experiencer, but the work of art itself. The game has its own essence, the presence of the subject. Movement back and forth. A uniform process that shows variability. There is no canon from the outside, the measure is contained in the image. The purpose of imagination and vision is to awaken associations of ideas to which our spiritual needs are directed. ILLUSION FIELDS artists open up to us their perspectives, multiplied views of the spiritual world. A sensitivity that, if we allow ourselves to do so, when we join the game, tenderly touches us in a metaphysical way, changing what we find, the fields of illusion. Enjoy the game!

Maria Ciborowska



  • Grzegorz Siembida (1984) is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (diploma at the Faculty of Painting in the studio of Prof. Andrzej Bednarczyk). In 2022, at the Faculty of Art of the Pedagogical University of KEN in Krakow defended his doctoral thesis. He deals with painting and painting installation. His expressive works are a collage of various means of artistic expression. In his art, the artist uses both experiences and practices related to the trend of American expressionist abstraction, as well as artistic procedures associated with pop art or street art. Cultural animator, coordinator of artistic projects.

  • Marcin Dymek (1986) born in Krakow. Graduate of the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków; diploma in drawing in the studio of Professor Joanna Kaiser (2012). Currently, a doctoral student at the same university, where he also runs a drawing studio. Participant of scholarship programmes at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Universitatea de Arta si Design, Cluj-Napoca (Romania, 2010) and Sabanci University in Istanbul (Turkey, 2010-2011). Lives and works in Krakow.

  • Born in the Czech Republic. Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow (diploma in the Department of Graphic Arts in the studio of Prof. Lech Polcyn). In 2022 he received his doctoral degree from the Painting Department of his alma mater. Co-author of the UNKNOWN project at UFO Art Gallery. He lives and works in Cracow.

  • Piotr Kolanko (1987) born in Jasło. Master of Arts 2013 WSUR. Master of Arts in Graphics 2016 Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Co-founder of the Kwiaty Paproci brand. In 2019, Graphic Designer of the National Museum in Krakow. Techniques practiced: Painting, Graphics, Video, Intermedia.

  • Tomek Baran (1985), born in Stalowa Wola, lives and works in Kraków. He obtained his diploma in 2010 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Faculty of Painting. In his artistic practice, he willingly experiments with the medium of painting and explores its boundaries. He uses a variety of materials both in terms of the substrates used, the looms carved or constructed, as well as the materials he uses.

  • Małgorzata Wielek was born in 1976 in Limanowa. In the years 1997 - 2002 she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow at the Faculty of Painting. In 2009, she defended her PhD thesis entitled "Heart examination" at your alma mater. She took part in over 100 collective exhibitions and nearly 40 individual exhibitions. Wielek works in the Czarny Zakład duo, promoting drawings and tattoos. Professor of the Pedagogical University of Krakow at the Faculty of Art, lives and works in Krakow.

  • Grzegorz Bugaj (*1992) was born in Kraków. A graduate of the Faculty of Industrial Design and Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. He has repeatedly received the Rector's scholarship for the best students. Honored in competitions and film festivals, including ASIFA Poland. He works in the areas of drawing, graphic arts, painting and animated film. Currently lives and works in Kraków.

  • Joanna Pottle is an American artist, educator, researcher, writer, and cross-cultural exchange facilitator based in Kraków, Poland. She is an alumna of U.S. Fulbright Program alumnae to Poland (2019-2020/21), the Kosciuszko Foundation and Humanity in Action (2022-23). She holds a BFA in Studio Art, BA in Art History with an Art Education Track, earning an MA at the Jagiellonian University (2020-2022) to research the intersection of art in public space, cultural dissonant heritage, collective memory, identity and democracy.

  • Kinga Burek, born in 1995, is a painter, cartoonist and art historian; graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and Art History Intitute of Jagiellonian University in Krakow. She was announced the Person of the Year 2020 at Krakow Art Salon. She lives and works in Krakow, shares her studio with Ewa Ciepielewska and Magdalena Kościsz.

  • Krzysztof Marchlak (*1987) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow in 2012, at the Faculty of Painting in the studio of prof. Adam Bricken. He obtained his PhD at his alma mater in 2018 under the supervision of prof. Zbigniew Bajka. Marchlak deals with painting, photography, and creates artistic installations. His creative explorations revolve around issues related to the physicality of the body, individual and collective identity and Gender and LGBTQ+ issues.


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