Ufo art gallery kraków


Gold is ashes (on my feet, on your feet) n°1

The painting “Gold is Ashes (On My Feet, On Your Feet)” encourages the viewer to ponder the roles we play in our relationship with nature. It urges us to rethink the worth we assign to nature – both its fundamental value and the materialistic measures we often rely on. The shapes and colors in this artwork are intentionally created to highlight the feminine aspects of nature and […]

Precious kisses of moths n°1

This series is a continuation of artworks that draw their subject matter from my cultural heritage in Karelia and the wisdom of nature’s soothsayers. “Precious Kisses of Moths” represents my excursion into using painting as a medium to create my own language, dirges, and spells, carrying on the tradition of my grandmothers, where nature was their divine with its spirits and whispers.

Dirge n°1

The subject matter of this collection draws from my cultural heritage in Karelia, Finland. It’s a theme thatconsistently inspires me, one I often return to, carrying it within me as both a human and an artist. In the past, my great-grandmothers were dirge singers in the Karelian community. Their role involved healing people’s pain and health through prayer, crying for them, and sometimes connecting with […]

La evolution (Sonata) n°8

The title “La Evolution” is a fusion of two languages – French and English. Using the French ”La”, I give the worda feminine form. I emphasize the evolution of the word as feminine – reflecting how we are born and develop inside the female body. It’s a statement of femininity, embodying the mystery of evolution. This perspective contrasts with the more […]